News Access and Society

Around the world are so many disasters, news about politics, news about the events of a country or nation. Each nation is not known to everyone but through the news, many people come to know about this and that. People’s awareness about things are widened and there are many people who would like to see the things in reality.

Society and news goes hand and hand. There is news because there is society. Thanks to the development of technology, people have made a way to share and inform what is going around the world and we here news about disasters here and there. People die here and there. Bad and good news are covered up and people feel sorrowful. People can now learn how to empathize with each other through these things that are happening in this world. As long as media exists, we will not be able to get behind in knowing what is happening around us.

Sometimes, people get angry to media especially to social media because there are the things that can be edited by human and that is now the time that they will false rumors and false accusations against each other. So sometimes, new causes conflict with each other in the society. This is why news reports can be bad or good depending on the societies point of view. here are times people do not want what is covered by the news media. There is no fault of the television and Printing Press already with regards to the complaints of the society.