Etiquette for News Reporting

What are the different etiquette in  News Reporting.

-Appearance and Position. The dressing are suppose to be acceptable and formal. Those who are delivering the news shall respect the mass and the society by keeping up their dignity as news reporters. Position shall be good and good handling of the mike shall be formal.


-Speech Delivery. Delivery of the news should be clear and sound. If the news is not clear, people can not comprehend. Their should be a normal speed of speaking, not too slow and not too fast. The tone of the voice is also very important depending on the kind of the news being delivered. No speaking of bad words or own judgments of particular events.

-Mood. Mood is one of the most common problems in reporters. Mood shall be together with the tone and subject of delivery. It is very necessary for a good delivery.

In Journalism: There is just a standard in writing that they follow. Some Press use American Press Style (APA). In all cases, there should be words that they are not suppose to be write. Their etiquette in the tone of the message shall be observed and it shall be felt by reader.

Printed pictures are suppose to be good quality and of high value. They do not use pictures which are so  sensitive. They also do not pose scary pictures and their should be blurry effect on the pictures that are suppose to be shown but sensitive.

Reporters have to submit their work on or before their deadline.